Why Do I Get Back Pain?

“My Pain Feels Like…”

Ayurveda Point Of View

Back Pain is known as Kateegraham in Ayurveda, The pain appears due to weaken digestion and aggravation of Vata. Imapired digestive system causes the build up of toxins (ama) that combine with vata and accumulate in the minute channels of the body. Finally leads to the backache.

Are You Still Ignoring That Little Backpain?

Backpain can be very dounting and restrict your life like no other. We offer non invasive and most accuratilty desiged therapies for you. It is not for supressing your pain but curing it for good. To correct the pain and feel alive again please contact—ArthAyuveda.

For further assessment of your back issue and treatment please reach out to our specialist at 080-25288630,25254654 or mail us at doctor@arthayurvedaworld.com

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