In Ayurveda, the bones and joints are considered particularly prone to Vata (space and air) imbalances. Healthy joints are lubricated and cushioned by a fatty substance Sleshaka Kapha. And the joints are deeply affected by the quality of the bone tissue (Asthi Dathu). But, Ayurveda propounds that joints also share an important connection with the nervous tissue, and the nervous system as a whole. In addition, each of these building blocks relies on the process of tissue nutrition, which brings us to the role of Agni (the metabolic activity) in whole body health.

A strong Agni and proper digestion are essential to our overall health and longevity, and that every imbalance and disease can generally be traced back to impaired Agni and poor digestion. Supporting the joints on a more general level is a matter of clearing any accumulated Aama (stubborn toxins) moving it back to the GI tract, and from there, eliminating it from the body. At Arth Ayurveda, we also seek to reduce inflammation, support proper circulation, and balance Agni in the tissues, even while kindling Agni to ensure that neither excess Dosha nor Aama are able to find their way back into the joints in the future. The following strategies help to accomplish the goals in support of improved joint health.

A periodic cleanse is a terrific way to support the joints because it specifically kindles Agni and clears impurities from the system, and deeper the cleansing, that much deeper the impact on specific tissues like the joints. This essentially involves Panchakarma procedures. And once the Srotas is thus free of Aama and has a status of good Agni, internal medicine to rejuvenate the bone health alongside restorative and curative specific procedures, delivers very good results.

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